Payment Terms / Procedure:

  1. Buyer/ buyer’s representative issues a Letter of Intent (LOI) to seller.
  2. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) for the total quantity of 5-10 million masks.
  3. Buyer/buyer’s representative signs the FCO as token of acceptance, and send it back to seller.
  4. Seller sends a Prove of Product (POP) such as warehouse warrant, or warehouse receipt, or SGS Certificate, to buyer/buyer’s representative.
  5. Buyer/buyer’s representative presents Prove of Fund (POF) to seller.
  6. Buyer/buyer’s representative sends a letter to seller requesting him to issue a Pro forma Invoice for the first delivery.
  7. Seller issues a Pro forma Invoice for 5-10 million masks as first delivery and send it to Buyer/buyer’s representative.
  8. Buyer arranges with his bank the payment for the first delivery by TT or LC, payable upon the buyer received the goods CNF destination airport Europe within 48 hours.
    NOTE: Escrow is also accepted as part of the above process.



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