Masks KN95 – Pack of 5 (also available in packs of 10 and 25)

£9.50 + VAT

  • Blocks against dust, germs, droplets and PM2.5 in the air
  • Excellent protection and a comfortable fit with lightweight, breathability and fluid resistance
  • Protection against solids and liquid particles of average toxicity
  • Equipped with a bendable nose clip and flexible ear loops
  • Breathability delta P < 5.0H20/cm2
  • BFE > 95%
  • 5 Layer Protection
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Melt-blown cloth
  • Additional melt-blown cloth
  • Filter sponge
  • Ultra-soft non-woven fabric
  • NOTE: Not suitable for dental AGP’s.
  • NOTE: HSE no longer recommends KN95 for the reduction of COVID-19.
  • KN95 disposable mask
  • with 5-layer protection
  • *NOTE: HSE recommends the use of FFP2 as opposed to KN95 for COVID-19 transmission reduction. This is NOT a medical product. It’s use is PPE in particulate heavy environments.


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