Surgical Masks 3-Ply Type IIR (Pack of 50)

£8.00 + VAT

  • Manufactured to isolate bacteria and viruses
  • Designed with a bendable nose bar and flexible ear loops
  • Latex-free, Nickel-free * Cadmium-free
  • No smell, no bleach and no formaldehyde
  • BPF > 99% at 3 microns
  • PFE > 99% at 0.1 micron
  • 3 Layer Protection
  • Outer Layer: Professional waterproof non-woven fabric
  • Coloured to distinguish from fluid-resistant face masks and ensures the user wears the mask the correct way.
  • Middle Core Filter: High-efficiency melt-blown filter cloth
  • Gives 0.1 Micron particle filtration and 3 Micron bacteria filtration efficiency at > 99%.
  • White Inner Layer: Professional grade hydrophilic non-woven fabric
  • Enables users to wear the masks comfortably for an extended period.


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