Surplus PPE Stock
Do you have a surplus of PPE stock? Did you massively over order something?

ApprovedPPE is continually striving to meet the requirements of it’s customers and at this time doing it’s best to compensate for the volatility in supply in the PPE marketplace. If you have a surplus of PPE and you have the corresponding certification for the items we can help you realize the value of stock. After all, the money in your pocket is probably worth much more now than the boxes in your warehouse.

Our Surplus PPE Stock
Are you looking for large volumes of value for money PPE items?

approvedPPE can supply large volumes of PPE. As a supplier to metropolitan hospitals we are in a position to locate, obtain and broker high volume deals.



To make the most of these high-volume deals, please contact our specialist in this area: Dave Goodman on +44 (0) 7464 633 779


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